Fun little weekend trip to London

For those who follow me on Instagram will know that I was in central London last weekend to have a little break! There was a lot of sightseeing and museum trips which is so much fun! (Am I a geek?!) anyway here are some snaps from the V&A museum (recommend for all you fashion and art lovers!), natural history museum( this place is just fascinating and so, so cool!) and random snaps of London!

Adeela x

Outfit details. Scarf- H&M Shirt- New Look Jeans- Topshop Jacket- Urban Outfitters Shoes- New Look

20140620-225400-82440708.jpg 20140620-225355-82435140.jpg 20140620-225359-82439492.jpg 20140620-225401-82441248.jpg 20140620-225354-82434510.jpg 20140620-225357-82437538.jpg 20140620-225356-82436972.jpg 20140620-225402-82442833.jpg 20140620-225358-82438330.jpg 20140620-225355-82435714.jpg 20140620-225358-82438905.jpg 20140620-225400-82440092.jpg 20140620-225356-82436279.jpg 20140620-225401-82441849.jpg


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