Salaam ladies!

I know I’ve been promising to write for a while now, but with Ramadan/ Work/ Cakes4Syria (have you got yours? ( CALL NOW 01274 952144) lol) I’ve literally had like no time, not even to post OOTD pictures, ah the struggle, I know.

Whilst reminiscing on ‘my first hijab’ moments with a couple of my besties we came across a few questions we were asked that were consistent and dare I say hilarious! So I thought id share, please do keep in mind this is all light humour!

1. Do you wear your hijab to bed?

Yes, I have to keep myself covered to the men in my dreams, GWARD.

2. Can you breathe with the hijab on?

I have superpowers as I can breathe with my hijab on because obviously you breathe through your ears!

3. Did your boyfriend make you wear it?

Eh. I just can’t. No. Please. Stop.

4. Do you shower with the hijab on?

Yes because water is not allowed to touch my hair.

5. Are you bald?

Yes, the baby hairs that are sticking out are actually hair extensions.

6. Are you wearing the hijab because you are ready to get married?

LOL. Yes my hijab is an indicator for single men to seek me *cringe* *cringe* *cringe*

7. How come it’s so big?

That’s what we call hijab volume darling, *flicks hijab*

There you have it! I would love to read about what questions other hijabis have encountered so do comment them below! Also like I said, it was all for a joke, it is a great blessing to wear the hijab, I love my hijab and I love buying hijabs! Lol

Till next time
Adeela! Xx



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