The ‘I heart Ramadan’ Tag

20140704-011048-4248379.jpg Salaam ladies! Ramadan Mubarak! Ok I know I’m like 6 days late but hey, am I the only one who’s daily routine is completely nonexistent? Lol, I thought so! I hope everyone’s fasts are going well and inshAllah they’re accepted! The beautiful Mimi ( Instagram: memoirs.uncovered) tagged me to answer a series of Ramadan related questions and as this is my first ever tag, I am rather excited! 1. When do you start getting excited about Ramadan? This is a tough one, it’s usually a few weeks before Ramadan that I am excited/nervous about it, I do love Ramadan I love the sense of togetherness it brings however I do get very nervous about how long the fasts are going to be. Every year I think I’m not ready for it but alhamdulilah I pull myself through it! 2. What’s your favourite Ramadan story? Well, remember that crazy heat wave we had mid July last year? That was the time I graduated from university and OHMYGOD it was the hottest day ever, I had absolutely no sleep and everyone was fasting around me. It was such a memorable experience, graduating with friends, family there to support me it was amazing but the fact that we were all fasting just made it more exciting and special. It was definitely a challenge but alhamdulilah I wouldn’t have it any other way! 3. Does your family have any Ramadan traditions? We open our fasts together! 99% of the time we will have Iftar and Suhoor together, sometimes we will have meals out with friends but usually it’s always a small gathering at home! We always have fruit salad before eating anything else ( I usually blend mine to make it a smoothie!) 4. What’s your favourite Ramadan food? Hmmm, chicken cooked in a lot of masala (I’m Pakistani, woo!) with creamy mash and vegetables. Oh with olives and humous! 5. When you’re fasting during the day, do you think about food? I’m going to be honest here, an hour or two before i break my fast YES I do. I’m usually fine during the day if I’m busy but towards the end I just want to eat, have a cup of tea and sleep! Lol 6. Besides water and dates, what do you break your fasts with? Hmm, usually it is always water or dates unless I’m out then it’s something random like once I remember breaking my fast with a chip lol. 7. What do you eat for Suhoor? Weetabix! Usually two biscuits with semi-skimmed milk and a smoothie. The smoothies are usually a mixture of fruit with baby spinach, chia seeds and flaxseeds (great source of fibre!) almond milk and honey. Oh sometimes if I can a slice of toast as well. This pretty much keeps me going and is sooo healthy! 8. What is your least favourite thing about Ramadan? Urm. The lack of sleep. As I have to work my fast and routine around work, my sleeping pattern is all over the place hence why I am always so tired and zombie like! 9. One thing that makes you happiest at Ramadan? The sense if togetherness of the Ummah, we’re not perfect Muslims but something about Ramadan brings us together and brings out the good in ourselves. 10. One tip you can give to people that are fasting? DRINK LOTS OF WATER! obviously this is solely when you’re allowed to but keep hydrated to avoid headaches etc. Well that the end of the tag guys! I actually really enjoyed it and will definitely be doing some more tags! I tag all my followers on Instagram to do this tag! Make sure to @_bowandlilly_ so I can read your answers! Till next time dolls! Adeela x